08 November 2012

Feeling Inspired…and Overwhelmed

One of the reasons I feel a sense of creative chaos is because of inspiration overload.   I seldom go into a fabric/craft store without buying a magazine that catches my eye.  When I think about trying a new art form, I scour Amazon for books and add them to my wish list.  I “follow” so many blogs it can be overwhelming.


I’m not sure how to bring order to the chaos.

Just this week I decided to sign up for Danielle Burkleo of Take Heart’s Scarfament Swap.  I would like to make a scarf and ornament myself.  So, what did I do?  I went to Joann’s and picked up some beautiful yarn and crochet hooks to make one.  I have never crocheted.  I googled ‘beginner pattern infinity scarf’ and found what I hope will work out – the instructions look simple enough.  We shall see.  My mom is a remarkable craftswoman when it comes to crocheting.  I hope that I have inherited some of her savvy in that department!

Is there a support group for art/craft addiction?  If so, sign me up!

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