29 November 2012

And so the INSANITY (the good kind) begins!

As I hinted in one of my previous posts, my momma is extremely talented in the crochet department.  She is THE QUEEN of crochet.  I still have the twin blanket she made me when I was about 4-5 years old.  Over the years she has made ponchos and hats and scarves for me and for other people.  She has made countless baby blankets that have become treasured friends to their little recipients.

All of my life I have watched her work and never asked her to teach me.  Quite honestly, until recently I had no desire to learn.  Then I decided to sign up for the Scarfament Swap and a fire started in me.  I was bound and determined to make everything for the swap - ornament and scarf!  I made the ornament at the Holiday Paint Something Workshop.  As far as crochet, I attempted to use YouTube videos and was NOT getting it.  My mom lives 4 hours away from us so I couldn't just drop in for a lesson or two. 

Fortunately for me, Thanksgiving was right around the corner when I entered this period of crochet madness!  We made the trek down to mom's for the holiday and I was able to spend time learning from the absolute best!  Mom was so patient with me.  She was very excited about my desire to learn.  That weekend I made one scarf and two hats and started two more scarves!  Mom even taught me to crochet a granny square.  I couldn't do it today without having her talk me through it, but I am proud of the one I have in my crochet bag!

Since we left Sunday morning, I have continued to crochet; in the car, on a plane, propped up in bed (at home and in a hotel), while watching a movie (at home).  I am working on a scarf for my nephew Ben now.  I love that he asked for a cool color like turquoise!  When I started this learning process, my stitches were so tight I had trouble with the subsequent rows.  My technique is getting better and it can only continue to improve.  My only complaint is that the arthritis in my hands doesn't like my new hobby.  But, pain won't stop me from trying.  A monster has been unleashed and it must be fed!

No pictures until my swap partner receives and opens her package!       

19 November 2012

The Revival of Vintage - An Excursion

My sweet husband took me to the fall edition of The Revival of Vintage.  The event took place at the old Bona Allen Shoe Factory in historic Buford, Georgia.  The building, now referred to as Tannery Row, houses an artist colony and is open for events periodically.  It's a really neat place!  I would love to spend a day up there taking photographs.

This lovely vignette greeted us as we came through the gate:

Behind the head of the bed, you can see a bit of the old...and I love it!

Doesn't it remind you of an old train?

Here's a close up shot:

 And a side view of this beautiful rust bucket!

Out of respect for the vendors, I didn't photograph their wares.  Their booths were beautiful - just take my word for it!

Now for the finds!  An old Ford grill frame.

Can't you see that used as a picture frame or a mirror frame?  How about a couple of mini-buntings stringed across?  So much potential in this piece - even if I just use it as is as an art piece.

Found our last name in letter blocks and our anniversary in Bingo pieces.  I'm thinking of shadow boxing with some of our baby pictures and a black and white of our wedding picture.  We'll see!

I looked at math flash cards, too.  But all they had were multiplication tables and no # x 1.  I was surprised by how reasonable the prices were at some of the booths!  Those bingo pieces were only 20 cents each!  Funny thing is the 19 has the first letter of our last name and the 3 has the first letter of my maiden name.  I didn't realize that at time of purchase.

My man was such a good sport!  He actually enjoyed digging around a huge room filled with stuff!  There is a man that keeps his wares at the artist colony.  He has some great, unique items!  He worked with me, price wise, on the Ford piece.  I'm glad he did because he seemed to really like his stuff based on his prices!

The Revival will be back at The Goat Farm Arts Center in the spring.  Can't wait to check it out! 

08 November 2012

Feeling Inspired…and Overwhelmed

One of the reasons I feel a sense of creative chaos is because of inspiration overload.   I seldom go into a fabric/craft store without buying a magazine that catches my eye.  When I think about trying a new art form, I scour Amazon for books and add them to my wish list.  I “follow” so many blogs it can be overwhelming.


I’m not sure how to bring order to the chaos.

Just this week I decided to sign up for Danielle Burkleo of Take Heart’s Scarfament Swap.  I would like to make a scarf and ornament myself.  So, what did I do?  I went to Joann’s and picked up some beautiful yarn and crochet hooks to make one.  I have never crocheted.  I googled ‘beginner pattern infinity scarf’ and found what I hope will work out – the instructions look simple enough.  We shall see.  My mom is a remarkable craftswoman when it comes to crocheting.  I hope that I have inherited some of her savvy in that department!

Is there a support group for art/craft addiction?  If so, sign me up!