12 December 2012

It's Here! It's Here! It's finally here!

This year, for the first time, I decided to participate in a Christmas gift exchange that was coordinated by sweet Danielle Burkleo of Take Heart.  Danielle's exchange is cleverly entitled, "Scarfament Swap" and the point is to exchange a scarf and an ornament with your with partner as assigned by Danielle.  I was blessed to be paired with my new friend, Carina.  Carina and I are just under 3,000 miles apart which I thought was pretty cool.

Today was the day!  My beautifully packaged box arrived!

See how pretty!  Where I have the gift tags, just imagine our to/from addresses beautifully handwritten in Christmas green.  Don't you love the chevron packing tape?  I sure do.  So fun and festive!

The box was full of loveliness!  This card is a great reminder, isn't it?

Wait for it...


LUCKY ME!  Carina makes the coolest jersey fabric infinity scarves!  If it weren't unseasonably warm here this week, I would definitely be wearing it!  My ornament is perfect for me - buttons!  I have an obsession with buttons.  How did she know this?  And, Carina sent me some lovely faceted gold earrings as an extra happy.  So sweet, huh? 

Carina has an Etsy shop that makes me drool.  Please check out Lovely Little Whimsy.  I'm quite certain you will fall in love with several items like I did!  I limited myself to two necklaces this go-round, but see other shopping expeditions in the near future.

How perfect for fall is the leaf and stone pendant?  The heart is simple and perfect and the proceeds support Carina's and Nick's (her husband) adoption hopes.  They have 3 wonderful boys already and their hearts are ready and open to another precious child.

I don't think I could have been paired with a more perfect Scarfament Swap partner!  Can't wait to find out what she thinks of the package I sent to her!

Note:  I wrote this blog on 12/4.  Check out Carina's blog post about the swap here.